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Teaching has always been the most enjoyable part of my job! I approach every class, as an opportunity to provide more than knowledge enrichment. I work hard to connect environmental science to other fields such as law, politics, economics, environmental justice, and history. I strive for students to feel my passion in every teaching moment.

I've had the opportunity to work with students through my PhD, and postdoctoral research experience. This has played a significant role in shaping my teaching philosophy.


Courses Taught currently @ San Francisco State University include BIOL402 General Microbiology and public health laboratory, BIOL420 Virology, BIOL603 Water, Climate and Health

Courses taught earlier @ Stanford University include CEE173 Urban Water

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Word on the Street

I liked the open platform, I felt comfortable speaking even with the online environment. I think you did a great job of staying unbiased when introducing the topics to encourage people to form their own views. I also loved the diversity of topics many of which I’d never considered.

The topics were interesting, especially the geopolitical conflicts over water scarcity. The project was also an incredible opportunity to learn much more about my interests related to water issues

 I look forward to coming to class!

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In an effort to give back to the community that has contributed to my development, Anand has been involved in several means of science education and communication. Notable projects involved working with the National Geographic Society to deliver workshops to students ranging from various age groups. Anand has also led field based immersive learning experiences during the MaringGEO mini-ocean hotel retrievals in Hong Kong.

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